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Video description: Davey is outside extremely pissed off kicking and punching the dumpster. He's pacing back and forth upset that he's always doing the dishes and never getting the respect he deserves. Once he releases some of his stress outside he heads back into his house and begins doing the dishes. He mumbles to himself how his stepdad is always telling him to do the dishes, clean up his room and suck his dick. What Davey doesn't know is that while he was mumbling, Brenden his stepdad was in the hallway listening to him. Brenden walks up to him and tells him he liked his last remark and pushes Davey down on his knees and Davey without hesitation starts to suck on his hard dick. He takes it deep into his mouth as Brenden face fucks his young eager mouth. Brenden takes him back to the room and starts sucking on his hard young uncut cock while Davey strokes his dick. Brenden loves to tease Davey. Davey tells Brenden that he's ready for his throbbing dick to be balls deep inside of him. Brenden bends him over the bed, pushes his back down and slowly squeezes into his tight young ass. Once he's balls deep Brenden starts to fuck him hard and fast. Davey can't help but moan in pleasure as he gets man handled by Brenden. Davey gets fucked in a few positions and eventually ends up on his back missionary being fucked. Brenden pulls his hard cock out and they both beat off until Davey is first to blow a huge stream of cum all over himself. Once Brenden sees all the cum that just shot out he releases his load all over Davey's smooth chest.

Duration: 05:16 min
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