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Video description: Is there anything more enjoyable than a nice long soak in the bath? Especially at the end of a long, hard day and you just want to wash all those stresses and strains away! Well, what about a splash in the bath with one of your mates? Itís definitely something that appeals to Bjorn Nykvist and Julian Fox, thatís for sure; as the two horned-up buddies make their way to the bathroom and very quickly engage in some clearly much-needed smooching. And suffice it to say that itís not very long before these lads are getting up to something far more intense than a bit of innocent kissing. Indeed, you can rest assured that the sight of hard, aching meat is soon in the offing; with Fox keen to soap his palís meaty ramrod, before eagerly munching on every inch of dick that Nykvist has to offer. Whatís more, Nykvist isnít averse to a bit of hardcore fellatio himself by the look of things; before Fox bundles his buddy out of the water and turns his keen attention on the fellowís hairless little pucker. Itís no time at all before the hungry little hole is getting all the attention that it wants and deserves courtesy of Foxís seemingly insatiable rocket; with the horny top energetically pounding for all heís worth into Nykvistís guts. Itís a move that the filthy-minded bottom evidently appreciates; and heís soon taking things one step further by plonking himself down on Foxís shaft and riding those inches like a bitch on heat. A move that soon has Nykvist rupturing like a geyser mid-fuck; before Fox brings the show to a sticky conclusion by creaming a fine wad of jizz into his palís mouth!

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