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Video description: Some guys will cross over hell and high water to get to the man that they love Ė including, it seems, Mike Branco, who quite literally trundles through a forest to find fellow scout, Chad Johnstone, waiting for him outside their tent. Once safely united, of course, they immediately get down to the very serious business of cementing their affections; and within minutes both lads are stripped down to the waist and exchanging kisses. That, unsurprisingly enough, is but a foretaste of the hardcore action to come. Before long, Johnstone has unbuttoned his palís trousers and is greedily feasting on the fellowís now badly swollen shaft; before Branco promptly returns the compliment by slurping on Johnstoneís completely hairless joystick. Indeed, both these boys clearly have a deep-seated appetite for fellatio, finally positioning themselves top-to-toe so that they can indulge in their passion simultaneously. Given what we already know about these two young fuckers, however, it doesnít come as too much of a surprise when they eventually go one stage further in their exploration of each otherís bodies; with Johnstone finally thrusting that handsome, uncut shaft of his deep into Brancoís divine little fuck-hole. Itís a move that pitches this outdoor encounter up to whole new level; not least of all because itís not long before the insatiable little blond is soon riding his mateís dick reverse-cowboy style for maximum effect. No fucking wonder that the young explorer is soon erupting for all heís worth; having very enthusiastically creamed Johnstone to a similarly sticky conclusion!

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