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Video description: Kennedy has become quite good at seducing young men. He starts with friendly conversation teeming with sexual undercurrents. With a smile he captures the attention and interest of anyone heís with- which makes him perfect for breaking in new guys! Putting his skills on full blast, he has Danielís dick reacting to him even before itís out of his pants. Then he sucks it rock hard and Daniel canít believe how amazing it feels to be under Kennedyís competent handling! Tasting cock for the first time, Kennedy challenges Daniel to see how much he can take, running the head of his member along Danielís tongue. Daniel is a good student and quickly passes over the learning curve and the hot men move on to deeper lessons! No matter how much I see it, I canít get enough of watching Kennedy ease himself onto a dick and ride. His face as he whimpers is my favorite part, as is watching his cock stand in alert as he bounces on a juicy cock. I had forgotten how deep Danielís voice can get, which makes it even hotter when he growls, ďbend over.Ē As Kennedy savors the feeling of Danielís big dick in his hole, Daniel and Kennedy kiss passionately and Daniel gets more and more into the moment until his sopping wet finale!
Starring: Daniel (CF), Kennedy (CF)

Duration: 02:08 min
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