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Video description: Who doesn't like a good foot massage? Two hot lean uniformed studs giving each other a little helping hand after a long hard day's maneuvers is perfectly natural. And Private First Class Jett's feet could definitely use a good work over. So why not? Jett's buddy starts pulling those big boots off one by one. But Jett is still a little shy about having his buddy work his tired dogs over at first. But once he sees how good it feels, his resistance starts to melt away, and he settles in. Then his buddy's hand wanders up Jett's leg to grab his bulging crotch, and it looks like PFC Jett is about to draw the line. But his buddy calms him down, and Jett seems to secretly want to let it happen. While Jett may be a bit hesitant, his cock is not so shy, and with his buddy's mouth easing down on it, he gets a raging hard on in seconds. His buddy's warm mouth working his shaft up and down gets Jett to lie back in the sofa in no time, and enjoy the ride. Jett tries to resist putting his hands on his buddy's head and steering him down that rock hard cock, but he is having a hard time holding back. Then his buddy spits on his finger and starts slowly easing it into Jett's sphincter, and Jett's legs slowly start to open. His toes start to curl from the new experience as his buddy starts to edge him closer, getting his cum filled nuts ready for action. Then Jett's buddy starts throating down hard on that cock, working the base with his hands and holding that cum filled nut sack. Jett can't take it anymore, he blasts his load into his buddy's waiting mouth, gushing it down his cheeks before his buddy starts lapping it up.

Duration: 04:16 min
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