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Video description: Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Alex aimed high and joined the Air Force in a journey to discover himself and refine his determination and dedication to his country. He had an exciting career that included one of the most difficult acrobatic feats in aviation - inflight refueling. It's an operation that involves excellent hand-eye coordination and very steady reflexes. Two objects hurtling through the air at hundreds of miles an hour through turbulence, with thousands of gallons of fuel pumping through a massive phallus. Sounds like a good time. Ssgt Alex's time in the Air Force gave him a lean and toned body to go with his midwest smile. With a little bit of stroking, his meat gets pretty nice and stiff too. Once his trousers fall down around his ankles, he lays back and gets his paws busy taking long strokes and working his tool. Then Alex throws off his big boots and pants so he can show off all his assets. His cum filled balls hang perfectly between his lean thighs. Alex rolls over and strokes his cock against the sofa before arching his back and pressing his tight butt into the air. Then he strokes into the sofa some more before getting on all fours and showing his clenched hole. Then he rolls back onto his back with his legs laying wide open, and goes at his cock some more, feeling each vein as he runs his hand over his rod. He milks his cock like he just came off a dairy farm from Wisconsin only a couple weeks ago. His strokes get shorter and faster as he grabs his nut sack and starts edging himself closer. Then his hips start to rise up the the head of his cock until he sprays a huge load all over his leg and abs before collapsing back into the sofa, completely released. Slowly, he strokes out the rest of the milk until the last drops have glazed his cock.

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