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Video description: Private Seth and Private Tyler are comparing their hot bodies. Seth has built some major thighs that Tyler definitely likes the look of, so the two decide to do a quick field workout with each other. First up, these two studs start off with buddy dips to really pump up their legs. Tyler jumps on Seth and wraps his legs tight for the ride as Seth squats down for some hard core reps. Then Tyler takes his turn at feeling the burn as he muscles Seth for some hot reps. Next up are triceps as Seth throws his legs up on his buddy to pump some iron. Seth pumps out 25 (actually 24, he cheated the count). Tyler takes his turn and knocks out 17. Seth clearly won, and now that he is all hot and sweaty, he wants to claim his prize. He pulls his buddy's pants down and goes to work on Tyler's thick cock, jawing down until he gets it all in. Then Tyler gets his turn as Seth and grabs the back of his head and thrusts his cock. Tyler shows how good his oral skills are as he holds Seth's cock deep in his throat before going down to lick his balls. Then Seth flips Tyler over to get a taste of his hot ass, thrusting his tongue deep in his hole. Once Tyler's hole is nice and opened up, Seth slides his thick rod deep in and starts pumping away on Tyler's perfectly rounded ass. Tyler gets a major pounding as Seth grabs his hips to drive that cock in deeper still. Then Tyler jumps up to straddle Seth and get an even better leg workout than before. Tyler slams down on Seth's cock milking it hard before Seth takes back control and drops his buddy onto his back so he can plow him deep and hard. Tyler can't hold back his moans as Seth nails his prostate over and over. Pretty soon Seth can't hold it back anymore and pulls out just in time to blow a huge load all over Tyler's hole before diving back in to let loose the last few drops. Then it's Tyler's turn to shoot while he eats Seth's hole. He rips loose a huge load all over his ripped abs.

Duration: 04:16 min
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