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Video description: Ahdem and Ryler are enjoying some relaxation exchanging "war stories" from their respective occupations. While Ahdem's stories are about life in the United States Marine Corps, Ryler talks about fighting fires and saving lives. It seems these two heroes have something else on their minds as they check each other out stealthily. Ahdem offers a foot massage, which Ryler can't refuse. As Ahdem gets into his work, his face gets closer and closer to Ryler's foot until he swoops in and gives the sole a quick lick. His tongue glides upward toward the toes as he slips one into his mouth and sucks on it. Ryler offers to reciprocate and unties Ahdem's boots. Its not long before Ahdem's toes are rolling across Ryler's velvety tongue. Soon, the guys are in a sweaty make-out session, tearing each other's clothes off. Adhem works his way down the rippled torso of his partner before pulling away the denim and revealing his prize. Ryler's hard cock springs out and into Ahdem's mouth in one quick motion. As Ahdem slobbers and sucks, Ryler moans and strokes his Marine buddy's blond hair. Ryler doesn't want to miss out on the pink pleasure in Ahdem's pants. With Ahdem upright, Ryler eases his jeans down and stuffs the stiffy into his wet mouth, spitting and sucking happily. As Ahdem lays back, Ryler flips his legs above Ahdem's head so they can 69. As Ahdem grasps Ryler's ass cheeks, pulling his cock closer to the back of his throat, Ryler exclaims, "I'm gonna cum!" Ahdem opens wide as spunk sprays deep to the back of his throat. Ryler helps his buddy out with a little more oral encouragement before Ahdem blows his load all over his cheek; a white river of jiz trailing down from his cheek to his Adam's apple.

Duration: 04:16 min
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