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Video description: Mitchell has saved a few peoples' lives over the years in his work as a lifeguard. He decided he wanted to be a lifeguard because it seemed like a great way to catch some rays and check out the babes. But, he soon realized it was even more rewarding to be able to save another person who was drowning. He's had three separate opportunities to make that happen. He even feels like he wants to find more ways to help people in the future and he's considering his career options based on that. After telling his story, he settles back on the couch and starts working on his cock. Unzipping his pants, his red skivvies are bulging with anticipation. As he strokes, his massive cock swells and stretches the fabric of his underwear until he unleashes the pink monster. Gripping firmly, he strokes slowly. He pulls off his shorts and underwear, spreading his legs wide open. Finally shirtless, the slim lifeguard gives his schlong some good tugs. His smooth skin is adorned by several tattoos, but very little hair. He spits in his hand to lube up the massive meat while gripping his balls with the other hand. As his chest becomes flush, his back arches and his whole body stiffens. His cock begins to spew a giant load of spunk onto his ripply stomach. His pink lips purse and open wide as he expels one huge breath of ecstasy.

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