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Video description: Holden was groomed all his life to join the Marines. He was raised with the belief that everyone needs to do something. An unselfish something, something for the rest of mankind. Handsome Holden is one cute blonde and a very driven young man. He wants to save lives and is just one licensing test away from being a full EMT. His favorite ride alongs have not been in the ambulances, but with a fire truck full of other life saving studs. Holden decided at a young age that one day he would join the elite firefighting force. He looks innocent enough, but Holden's piercing blue eyes tell a story of unfailing dedication. When it comes time for him to get a little relief of his own, Holden is more than ready. He grabs his already swelling dick through his tight jeans and brings forth an outline of an impressive sized cock. He massages the growing monster until the outline reaches all the way down to the corner of his pocket. Holden unbuttons his denim and unleashes a bright pink cock that looks enormous against his smaller frame. He rubs his monster to full salute and pulls his tight jeans down even further to let his heavy low hanging balls breathe. Holden gets more intense as his fire pole gets as hard as it can. He strokes the shaft and rubs the tip, relishing every second of his self pleasure. He climbs up on his knees and spreads his taut cheeks apart, exposing a pink virgin hole. Excited, his jerking quickens as his finger does some exploring around the rim of his pucker. On his back, Holden runs his fingertips over his perfectly quaffed blonde pubes and grabs his dick with more severity. His big balls begin bouncing faster than ever, begging to be drained of their heavy load. Finally Holden spews forth a gummy white rocket, shooting from the tip and trickling down his hands.

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