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Video description: Senior Airman Zach served several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was ground support in the Air Force where he had to pull out his weapons to ward off the bad guys a few times. As he tells his stories of war, his uniform is stretched to the limit by the bulging muscles beneath. His crystal blue eyes have the look of a man who is ready to serve his country at a moment's notice. As his attention turns to the video he's been given to watch, the crotch of the dark blue pants begins to swell. He rubs at the bulge from outside the trousers before shoving his hand underneath. As the heat in the room increases, he unbuttons his shirt and pulls up his white t shirt, revealing rippled abs and a well developed chest. When he removes them completely, a tattoo rings his left bicep, which grows with each caress of his chest and cock. As he eases his pants down, his thick cock pops up and points slightly to his left. He grabs the monster and begins stroking slowly, as his balls bounce against his taint. A small drop of precum glistens at the tip of his dick while he continues to rub his hand over the faint hair on his chest and stomach. He kneels on the couch and grabs his perfectly round ass cheek with his free hand, kneading the flesh in his large fingers. He wets his middle finger and eases it past his sphincter until it reaches his prostate. Laying back, he prepares to release his military load. His entire body tenses and his neck and chest flush with pleasure. After several heavy breaths, his cock explodes white droplets onto his abs. Cum continues gushing out of his cocktip as he grunts with pleasure.

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