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Video description: Boatswain Corey has served his country in a unique way doing community service on the USS Constitution. He has also served on a commissioned warship over the years. He's earned numerous awards and badges. One of these required him to know the workings and maintenance of every aspect of the battle ship he served on. He likes to play a lot of sports and run in his free time to stay in shape. He settles into the couch fully dressed in his white uniform, decked with ribbons and badges as he begins rubbing himself. He unbuttons the front of his pants and pulls out his pink sailor cock while still focusing his attention on the video. He pulls off his shirt, uncovering a tan, toned body with just a hint of fair hair running from his chest to his crotch. His piercing blue eyes stay riveted to the television as he licks his full pink lips and strokes his stiff cock. Corey strips down completely, except for the black dress socks that remain on his feet. His stroking becomes more rhythmic and faster, and his breathing more intense. His scrotum has constricted, pulling his balls tight to his faintly furry taint. As Corey grunts intensely, his pink pecker expels a wad of white gooey cum onto his treasure trails. He continues stroking as several more squirts of goo land onto his heaving stomach.

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