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Video description: Petty Officer Conan says he wishes he'd tried something a little more adventurous when he was in the Navy. He spent most of his time behind a desk doing computer work. But, like any new recruit, he had some tough times when he was in boot camp. The drill sergeants used to throw things and yell at the guys, trying to scare them into submission. But Conan was rarely afraid. He's been attracted to guys for a long time and used to have to concentrate on not getting a boner when he had to shower with all the other guys in boot camp. This lean, tall hunk of a seaman is ready to jack off and get out of his uniform. He unzips the navy blue pants and pulls out a long, hairy, pink cock. As he strokes it, his dick comes to full salute. He continues squeezing and stroking as he watches the porn. He can't wait to get all his clothes off and strips down completely naked. As he continues to rub his giant wood, he begins rubbing his asshole with a couple of fingers. He flips over and sticks his butt up in the air and plays with the boyhole with several fingers. He flips back over and massages his stiffy a little longer. His chest begins to heave and he moans slightly as his balls contract against his taint. A few globs of jizz bubble out of the tips of his white thick cock and dribble down his hand into the blond bush below.

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