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Video description: Junior is a 21 year old amateur boxer from Colombia. He says he wants to try out something wild like this because a girl he once hooked up with said he was really hot and sexy... And we know exactly what she means. Though he is straight, he seems to have no qualms about stripping and playing with himself on cam for the enjoyment of gay men. What's more, he doesn't have a girlfriend right now so maybe that explains why he seems so... horny... He came in wearing his boxing attire complete with headgear and gloves. Even through his headgear, his sexy smile shows, and when he takes it off, he reveals a handsome boyish face with a hint of mischievousness - which is a total turn on! When asked to show more, he takes off his gloves and his shirt. The scene gets hotter as he flexes his muscles for the camera. He is totally toned and athletic, but he says he is working to get bigger muscles... could it be possible for someone so sexy to be even hotter? As he strips down to his briefs, he is asked if the rumors about his, er, manhood is true... So he gladly shows it off... First, he teases by showing his shaved pubes, which, he says, the girls like a lotů He goes on taking his underwear off...

Duration: 05:16 min
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