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Video description: This scene is the result of an unexpected turn of events. It is a bit longer than usual, but we wanted to capture as much of the action and the mood as possible of what was unfolding that night. This was also the first overnight shoot we have ever done, an impromptu one that Marko Lebeau had to take on... no time to call in our regular videographer. On this night a couple of weeks back, both Mario Torrez and Kyle Champagne were staying at our loft since they were both shooting with us the next day... with different scene partners though. The two of them had been talking about sex all evening long, getting all horned up in the process. As a result, horny Kyle couldn't get any shut-eye. We decided the time was right to get these two to move from randy sex talk to full blown action. This was a bit complicated as both guys were tops. So mutual BJs, rimming and hand jobs would be the order of the day. Even though Kyle had started asking questions about bottoming a few weeks earlier, nothing could lead us to believe that he would be ready to venture down that path anytime soon. Tossing and turning in bed, he left the bedroom and went to join Mario in the living room. He awoke his buddy with a talented cock-sucking job and the two of them began getting pretty revved up. Soon enough, Mario broke things loose when he told Kyle that he wanted a piece of his ass. Hesitant, Kyle nonetheless agreed to try. This was going to be interesting.... No advance ass preparation, just some good old spontaneous fucking! Wanting to comfort his soon-to-be virgin bottom, Mario was very reassuring and offered Kyle some advice on the best position for him to be in to take it for the first time. What was odd though, was hearing him, a Top man, being so knowledgeable about bottoming to tell Kyle what the best position would be for him to get fucked in. Mario started prepping his partner with a good rim job and thumb fucking. Then he moved in with his bone-hard tool to penetrate his partner. This wasn't going to be easy. Kyle was pretty tight and it would take much more effort to loosen up his asshole. Persistence brings success and Mario was eventually able to pierce the wall, or ring, of resistance. Attentive and caring as he is, Mario kept checking with his partner if things were OK. For the next while, things got more and more intense and Kyle's asshole was moving beyond its initial reluctance. Kyle was getting into it and his facial expressions were showing us a guy who was enjoying it more and more.... He was even cracking a smile here and there. In fact, Kyle told us after the shoot that once his initial resistance occurred, he overcame his apprehensions and was actually enjoying himself... Chalk up one more bottom guy at Men of Montreal. After fucking, kissing and sucking in various positions, the guys were getting close to shooting. First up, was Mario who pulled out of Kyle's ass and ramped up to shoot a load all around and on his partner's cock and balls. He then got down on his knees started licking Kyle's balls and swallowing his fat curved dick, giving him a good hand job, bring him to edge. Kyle then took over jacking himself off while Mario kept lunching on his huge balls. Suddenly, Kyle shot his load, adding his baby batter to Mario's. The guys looked at each other, Mario reached up and the guys both kissed to the finale.

Duration: 03:27 min
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