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Video description: Class clown Cameron makes out with the slightly shyer Avery – and gets Avery to get rowdy! These two blond studs' chemistry gets pretty intense. Avery bites Cameron's nipple, then pushes him down on the bed, grinding against him. Even though they're both still in their jeans, the friction is getting them turned on. Avery stands up and Cameron pulls out Avery's cock and sucks it deep until he chokes on it. “Oh yeah, suck that dick,” Avery says. Cameron pulls his own jeans down so he can stroke his cock while blowing Avery. Cameron lies back on the bed and Avery licks the head of his dick and goes down on Cameron's cock. Cameron tells him to spit on it, and then Avery goes down even farther. Avery goes all the way down on Cameron, deep throating him. Cameron shivers and kisses Avery. Cameron licks Avery's hole, spitting on it and eating him out. Cameron alternates between rimming Avery and finger fucking him. Cameron drives Avery crazy with his tongue, then slides his cock into Avery. Avery moans and Cameron shoves his dick into him. Cameron holds up Avery's legs as Avery begs Cameron to fuck him harder. Cameron tells Avery to look at him while he fucks him. Cameron slows down and talks dirty to Avery as he fucks him deep, then slaps Avery's ass. Avery tells him he wants Cameron to leave a mark! Avery is definitely loving the dominant side of Cameron! Cameron pounds Avery's ass when Avery leans over the bed. Cameron and Avery watch themselves in the mirror. Both of them smile, watching Cameron drill Avery so hard. Avery grips the bed as he gets pounded. He backs his ass up against Cameron to take every inch of Cameron's dick. Avery flips onto his side. Cameron holds Avery's leg over his shoulder and fucks him sideways. Cameron pulls out and shoots his load into Avery's mouth. Avery sucks Cameron's dick dry.

Duration: 02:08 min
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