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Video description: Nick and Peter can hardly get the door open quick enough before they literally attack each other and start making out. Their big hard bulges are practically bursting through their clothes. They rub each other through their shorts and press their bodies close as they breath hard and get down and dirty with the heavy petting. Peter can't take the build up any longer and throws hunky blonde Nick against the door. Peter gets on his knees and teases Nick with his mouth. He undoes the hunk's shorts and slowly slides them to the floor while he licks Nick's cock through the fabric of his underwear. Slowly, Peter pulls Nick's undies down and gets the prize he's been waiting for all day long. Nick's balls are big and hang low. His cock is thick and grows fast inside Peter's warm wet mouth. Nick lets Peter do his job but as he starts filling up Peter's mouth and throat, he grabs the skinny kid by the head and proceeds to fuck his face. Nick needs more than a simple blowjob no matter how good it feels. He pushes Peter the Hole against the wall and peels off his shorts and underwear. Peter grabs the doorknob and hops up onto Nick. Nick supports Peter's weight and holds him up above the floor as he shoves his big hard dick inside Peter. He fucks the hell out of the eager bottom before putting him down and fucking him even harder from behind.

Duration: 03:03 min
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