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Video description: Clearly thereís been something in the air as of late at CF. A number of our more experienced guys come to mind when thinking of which studs have been showing off a whole new level of energy once we get them in to action, and Tom is one of them. As far as Kennedy is concerned, he was overflowing with sexual energy the instant he arrived at CF, but with this episode Tom proves himself able to draw even more out of the young Kennedy! Both Tom and Kennedy had tons of fun on our trip down to Costa Rica. They made the most of every day on the trip, and it was actually quite a lot of fun seeing them enjoy themselves exploring the jungle and flying around the canopies on zip lines. Weíve included a fair amount of zip line footage with this episode, going along for the thrilling ride through the treetops with all of the guys. Itís the thrilling ride Kennedy gives Tom that really sets things off here, though! Kennedy drills Tomís hole deep, hard, fast and relentlessly, with Tom looking hotter than ever as he gives up his hole. You canít help but love the look on Tomís face as Kennedy fucks his ass - itís obvious Kennedyís big dick is giving him quite the workout and, at times, you wonder how much longer Tom can take it. Then, though, Tom will reach back to spread his cheeks or pull Kennedy in to him deeper; you see Tomís cock stiff as a board, bouncing and aching with every one of Kennedyís thrusts; the noises each of these guys make must have been audible clear across the lush jungle surrounding them; we have never seen Tom precum so much in any of his episodes prior, and I donít think weíve ever seen him get such a huge load shot up in to him as the one Kennedy fires off here!

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