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Video description: Ah fuck, when you’ve got “3 Cocks and 3 Mouths” you need names. This triad for will be enjoying one another while we watch; don’t forget to participate as well. Checking each other’s underwear out, seems like the brand may be different, but the “package” is the same, sweet Asian twinks. All three start to rub on one another as they get down to some fun. They check each boy’s “equipment” and it looks like Hira won the “up fast and rock hard” award. After a bit of maneuvering, they settle in for a hot circle suck; Hira is sucking Takeru and Fuga is being sucked by Takeru. Switching, Hira gets a deep rim job as he is tongue fucked, lucky boy. Hands and lips start exploring everywhere, Hira is turned over to his back. He is treated to a two-on-one special as Takeru works his nipples and Fuga has a tight grip on his dick. Busting all over his stomach, Hira’s creamy load is courtesy of a hot hand job from Fuga. As they get back to playing, Fuga is close; he continues to suck Takeru as his jizz is juiced out of him, thanks to Hira. So far, they are two for three, but Takeru cannot release, yet. All three sit on the bed and exchange a kiss; I think we’ve not see the end of this trio after all, Takeru has still not shown us his “all.”

Duration: 02:45 min
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