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Video description: After seeing Koichi on the beach in the “Life Saver” scene, I knew I wanted him to come back and do a more “up close and personal” video. For, today we have “Twink Beach #2.” So what if we are filming in doors, it’s no reason for Koichi not to wear a hot Speedo and entertain us with his beach “skills.” Koichi begins by kissing the camera for us and fogs up the lens; his sweet pink lips can fog up anything he wants. He then stands to show us his suit. Bulging through the Speedos is his very nice cock, already at attention. Getting naked, he then bends and spreads for us, nice and wide. Winking his hole, Koichi aims to please; now if he’d just stand still, I could please him and myself. Turning around, this cutie then has us examine his balls, pubic hair and dick, uncut. As he strokes, the camera stays close, to get every inch. I must say, “zooming in,” does have lots of benefits. Playing with his foreskin as he jerks, I am enticed to see the dick, fully engorged. I pan up to catch Koichi going to his happy place, as his gorgeous eyes start to float. Ah, there we are, he is now fully erect as his balls harden and slap against his legs. His dick is rock hard and he “wags” himself, hands free. Koichi tugs again, he begins to pant and turn slowly around; his ass tightens and releases with each stroke. Coming full circle as he masturbates, I zoom in again, to watch his handy work. His lips fall open slightly as he gets closer. Looking right at the camera, he prepares to blow; he is so hot. Koichi steps up and shoots his load all over the camera; his white creamy goodness splatters in thick strips. After I lick up, I mean clean up the camera, Koichi does a little role playing. Being his partner, he is in front of you. Just imagine: his sweet plump lips kissing and licking you; his tongue caressing our mouth and neck; his eyes mesmerized while watching your cock grow as his “excitement” builds. Finally, there is the simultaneous release of energy and splooge. Koichi is such a hot and imaginative boy, enjoy.

Duration: 02:45 min
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