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Video description: This week we have a familiar face back with us all the way from South Bend, Indiana. Diego Vena is looking as sexy as ever and our members canít get enough of this stud. Originally from Poland, our newest addition now lives in Los Angeles. He is 31 years old and goes by the name of Lucas Knowles. We asked these two avid travelers where they think one would find the hottest men. Diego immediately says Brazil. Well heís on to something there. Lucas says the hottest men would be here in the United States but the biggest dicks would be in the Netherlands. They may grow Ďem big in Texas; but look out boys cuz the Netherlands come taller than most. They both admit to watching porn from time to time. Lucas likes amateur porn and thinks thatís the direction the industry should be headed. Where IS that suggestion box of ours? Hmm. Diego likes Twink on Muscular porn. Well, now we know what he has on his wish list come Dec. 24th. Well, hereís hoping heís extra naughty this afternoon to ensure him something nice in the near future. Letís get these two better acquainted shall we?They come back after a workout as Lucas asks Diego for tips on stretching. Diego tells him to remember to stretch certain muscle groups and as he does, Lucasí hands are roaming all over Diegoís pumped chest. They start to make out as they fall onto the couch. They kiss as their clothes start to come off. They move over to the chair where Diego slides Lucasí pants off. Diego grabs Lucasí cock that is already hard and ready to go and gets to work. This was the one muscle he didnít get to help Lucas work out and heís making up for that. He swallows his meat as he kneels on the floor. Lucas canít get enough of his hot mouth as he stands to continue fucking that sexy face. Lucasí balls slap away at Diegoís chin as his throbbing cock gets the attention it demands. Diego then moves to the couch and puts that amazing ass of his up for Lucas to enjoy. Lucas gets to work as he dives in tongue first. He licks and sucks on his tight ass as Diego squirms in anticipation. That ass loves a good rimming but he knows thereís more in store.Lucas suits up as Diego lubes his cock up. Once heís ready to go, Diego straddles Lucas and aims that thick cock at his ass. He slowly slides Lucasí thick cock inside. He winces in pain as that cock stretches his ass wide open. It takes him a few minutes before heís able to relax enough to enjoy it. Once there, Diego starts to slowly ride that cock. Lucasí cock disappears in and out of that hot ass as they continue making out. Diego holds still for a bit as Lucas starts to slam his dick up inside him. Lucas then switches it up and bends Diego over. He slides his thick cock back inside Diegoís perfectly smooth ass as he continues to fuck his ass. Soon heís pumping away at that ass as Diego takes over and impales himself on that cock. He bucks back wanting all of that dick in him as their fucking intensifies. Lucas then gets Diego on his back on the chair where he lifts his legs and fucks him missionary. This positionís gonna make Diego cum faster than he wants to but Diego jacks his cock while he watches Lucas fuck him. It isnít long before Lucasí cock makes Diego explode. As soon as Diego nuts, Lucas pulls out and unleashes a geyser of thick cum that seems to keep cumming and cumming. Damn! Diego is left drenched in cum. ÖGot Milk? lol
Starring: Diego Vena, Lucas Knowles

Duration: 05:16 min
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