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Video description: They don't wait very long before getting started. They kiss each other as they strip off each other's clothes. Xander quickly fumbles with Bobby's jeans, trying to get them off and find out what all the talk is about. He doesn't have to wait very long, since Bobby's boned up by the time the pants come off. His briefs are short lived as Xander dives head first into Bobby's beef. Bobby's long dick is at attention as Xander skillfully bobs his head on his knob and strokes the shaft with his fist. Bobby definitely needs all hands on dick in order to get the job done. Bobby's naturally smooth and keeps his bush cropped short. His low hangers dangle below his thick cock as Xander continues worshiping every delicious inch of it. Bobby then gets Xander up and gets a go at his cock. Xander is more than happy to oblige as his own hard cock gets a mouthful of attention. Xander is naturally defined and has a sexy patch of fur at the base of his rock hard cock that he keeps cropped as well. Bobby holds still while Xander fucks his face. He doesn't mind--soon he'll be the one fucking while Xander tries to hold still. In anticipation, Xander gets right back on his knees and sucks on Bobby's aching dick as he gets it wet and ready for more. Xander can't seem to get enough dick--he's only just begun!
Starring: Bobby Knight, Xander

Duration: 05:14 min
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