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Video description: Davidís reading when he gets a knock on the door. Itís Darin who is done with the chores David has hired him to do. Dave gives him his money then asks if heíd like to stay and cool off. Itís hot outside and Darin agrees to. David then offers him a pair of shorts to change into. Just as Darin is about to put on the shorts, David tugs on them and it doesnít take long for Darin to realize this isnít about his shorts. David then peels down his underwear and goes to work on his growing cock. Darin figures he might as well get comfortable so he sits back on the chair giving David better access. David kneels between Darinís smooth thighs and starts to worship that meat. David sucks that dick like an oil rigger. ďIíve wanted to do this for weeksĒ he groans before going back on it for more. David then stands up to get some relief of his own as Darin returns the favor. David slaps his thick cock on Darinís tongue as he gets his fat 8Ē cock sucked as well. Darin strokes his rock hard cock while servicing Davidís.
Starring: Darin Silvers, David Chase

Duration: 05:14 min
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