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Video description: Reception - Tony Aziz is at his desk, trying to finish his lastbit of paperwork when furniture mover, Tommy Defendi, arrives tostrip the office. Tony tells Tommy: 'Strip yourself!' Not one to miss anopportunity, Tommy seductively unzips his coveralls to expose one ofthe most beautiful cocks in porn today. 'Holy shit!' Tony exclaims,unable to resist looking at Tommy's huge thick tool, hairy chest andabs. Tommy's cock is more than inviting, and Tony immediately kneelsto taste his thick hanging meat. Tony manages to get his lips all theway down to Tommy's big hairy balls. He hungrily works the thickhardness with his mouth. Tommy gets a taste next, as he pulls Tonyup, and undresses his hard muscular body. Tony leans back on thedesk as Defendi kneels down to suck Tony ravenously. Tommystrokes his own fuck-stick, spit dripping from his mouth, as he givesTony's pole a wet and very enthusiastic blowjob. Tony lies back on thedesk as we see Tommy's long dick slide slowly into Tony's hairy hole.Defendi plows Aziz's slick hole all over the desk, until Tony isdrenched with his own warm sticky load. Wanting to taste the cockthat gave him so much pleasure, Tony kneels down to devour and lickTommy's nuts. The sensation makes Tommy release a giant load allover Tony's face and mouth, as he greedily sucks down every drop.
Starring: Tommy Defendi, Tony Aziz

Duration: 05:09 min
Download as: MP4 (52 MB)

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