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Video provided by: ClubInfernoDungeon
Video description: Nick Moretti shows Jessie Balboa his sadistic streak by selecting the heaviest, thickest, most insane dildo he can find to shove up Jessie's ass. Moretti primes his ass with his tongue then takes the lubed-up butt-toy and works it deep into Balboa's ass. Jessie's moans and gaping hole indicate that this monster may be the biggest one he's ever taken - but he wants more! Nick throws Jessie on his back and works his greasy paw in the fist freak's hole. After going elbow deep, Nick pulls his arm out of Balboa's ass and grabs a thick turkey baster. He pumps Balboa's hollowed out ass cavity full of gooey white lube which Jessie pushes out in ecstasy.
Starring: Jessie Balboa, Nick Moretti

Duration: 02:49 min
Download as: MP4 (22 MB)

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