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Video description: Covered with mud and penetrated with a bottle poor Chris is now ready for a final fuck. The soldier grabs the boy by his legs, chokes and spanks him. Above all he humiliates his captive. Chris feels the pain in his ass. The solider rudely deflowered him already. But when he thought it was over he was just mistaken. Darko grabs the guy and drags him deeper into the forest. At a nearby clearing he pushes his captive into the sand. He takes a bottle and dumps the liquid over the tied guy´s body. Then he puts dirt and dust over Chris. Covered with mud he now is a real pitiful victim. Darko uses the empty bottle to penetrate the guy´s ass. The pain must have been enormous. Chris is desperate and completely obeyed to the torment. Meanwhile Darko gets horny again. Time to give this little bastard a final fuck. He grabs him by his hair and moves his captive to shag him dogy-style. Chris moans and pleas but this is just a turn-on for the soldier. Darko fucks like a mad animal. He grabs the boy by his legs, chokes and spanks him. Above all he humiliates him. “How is it to be my girl? How is it to have sex with a real man?... Punk!” Suddenly he takes his rock-hard cock out of the cherry. Again he grabs Chris by the hair and shoots his massive load directly in the face. The sperm drop down and when Darko finally releases him, Chris is no longer a man.

Duration: 00:47 min
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