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Video description: Restrained and hand-gagged US-peacekeeper Brandon gets overwhelmed in the dugout. The soldiers undress the guy and carry him away like a trophy. In the rebel-camp he gets a brutal double-face-fuck as a start. It is a hot day in Tchukistan. Brandon serves in the US led peace-keeping mission for 5 months now. He never thought he would ever be in this fucked-up country for such a long time. Just two more months and he will be back in Chicago with his girl-friend. He misses her so much but even more he misses to play baseball. He is quite talented but far away from making a living out of it. The American guy sits in a dugout as a watch for 24 hours now. He is tired and frustrated when he hears a noise a few meters away from him. But it is too late. Just seconds afterwords two Tchukistani soldiers overwhelm him. They drag him out of his shelter. One soldier hand-gangs and holds him while another tall and strong guy starts to open his uniform. They push him to the ground, tape his mouth and tie him to a metal-pipe. Then they start to undress him. Is this gonna be a strip search? But No! Only dressed with his underwear and socks they carry their hostage away like a trophy with his hands and feet tied well. Back in the Rebel camp the tall guy takes off the last clothing of the terrified US-soldier. First fondled they force him on his knees and make him suck cock. He gets brutally double-face-fucked. But that is just the beginning of a humiliating torment.

Duration: 02:13 min
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