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Video description: Tied to the rack into many different positions the boys get brutally fucked. A symphony of lust and pain. The soldiers shoot their loads right into the faces of the boys to complete this final act of punishment. The air is full of sweat. Dima and Vadim are fixed to the rack with their hands tied well. They were bound doggy-style with their asses raised up in the air. The boys are full of fear as they already know what is going to happen next. Now the soldiers enter the room. Their cocks are erected and they are ready to complete this final act of punishment. First Jack kneels down on the rack. His strong body approaches helpless Dima. He grabs the boy with his hands and a few seconds later his dick is deep inside the boy-cherry. Meanwhile Jurek goes for Vadim. The poor boy cries out in pain as the giant dick of the soldier penetrates his tiny ass. It is a symphony of moaning and groaning that is about to start. And it is a brutal fuck. The soldiers once again want to exercise their power to show the boys who is in control. They know that they cannot keep them as hostages for ever. But they want to make sure that they will never forget this lesson. Then they turn the boys into missionary position. Once again the rock hard cocks go deep inside the asses. Almost simultaneously the soldiers stand up and shoot their massive loads directly into the cute faces of these motherfuckers. They leave the boys tied to the rack with the sperm running down their heads.

Duration: 01:01 min
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